We’ve Implemented Standards & Systems
That Cause All The Pricing Ambiguity, Communication Gaps,
Finger Pointing, Unexplained Delays, Cost Overruns, Hollow Warranties,
And Unpleasant Surprises To Just Go Away.

What To Expect When

Getting A Quote

Many contractors will be “in and out” and try to “close” you on the first meeting. We feel that’s irresponsible and high pressure. Here’s how the process works with us:


  • At your home
  • Discuss your wants & needs
  • Discuss budget; consider design & architectural details of your home
  • Take photos
  • Takes about 60 to 90 minutes


  • In your home OR our showroom
  • Show you samples of materials
  • Product demonstrations
  • Proposal presented & discussed
  • No crazy discounts or “buy now” demands
  • Takes about 60 minutes

Stress Free,

From Start To Finish

Superior Caliber Materials.
Hyper-Strict Installation Standards.
“Always-Informed” Communication.
Warranties With Teeth.

Premeditated Excellence.

Let’s face it: contractors don’t have the best reputation.

I should know—I used to deal with them all the time. After spending 10 years working for some of the largest home builders in the country and continually pulling my hair out dealing with contractors for various trades, I finally “had it up to here.”

The unkept promises. The missed deadlines. The phantom warranties. The shoddy construction. The incessant blaming and finger pointing. It drove me crazy.

So in 2009, I started my own company—a REAL business… not a “seat of the pants, operating out of the back of a pickup truck” contracting company. We committed to fixing all the problems builders—like I had been—experienced. We set out to revolutionize “contracting companies”.

And you know what? The builders loved it. So much so, that within 3 years, our little company grew to over $5 million in annual sales.

Meanwhile, we started receiving requests from home owners—people just like you—who wanted to replace or update their siding, roofing, decks, or windows. For a couple years, we politely told them “Sorry, we only work with builders.” But the requests kept coming.

So in 2011, we “gave in” and began working directly for homeowners, giving them the same “under-promise, over-deliver” service. Our success at Contract Exteriors is built on 3 iron-clad promises:

Promise #1: Only Premium Quality Products: It’s simply not worth it to save a few pennies now on cheaper materials that won’t hold up and perform over time. That’s why we ONLY use materials from industry leading companies like James Hardie, and GAF. You’ll NEVER wonder or worry.

Promise #2: Hyper-Strict Installation Standards: We’re the only local company designated as a “Preferred Installer” by James Hardie and “Master Elite Installer” by GAF for roofing (authorized to offer un-prorated 50-year warranties). The reason is simple: we NEVER cut corners, we ALWAYS adhere to manufacturer standards, and we INSIST on every job receiving an inspection by certified supervisors before being declared complete. Read more about our installation standards here.

Promise #3: Communication is King: We’ll assign you a Project Manager whose primary job is to make sure expectations are met and timeframes are kept. You’ll receive daily updates via text, phone or email (your preference), and we’ll also post photos and project updates on our private-login website. You will ALWAYS be kept in the loop.

It’s really pretty simple: we only do things the right way, and our customers seem to respond well. We’re definitely not for everyone—some people are on tighter budgets, and frankly, we’re about higher than “the cheap guys”.

But if our passion and drive for excellence sounds like a good fit for what you’re trying to accomplish, give us a call. We would be honored to talk with you and discuss how we can help get your project off the ground.